Glopal Promotional Sport is developing

the following five domains

Sportsorship™, Sportsors™, Sportchology™,

Sportchologist™, and Sportvestors™

Developed as content management directories with

a focus on generating demand strategy revenue

hinges on three key advertising stages

Awareness - Consideration - Conversion

This Is the strategy for each domain



Glopal Promotional Sport  will launch all domains under a single, cohesive brand, a strategy that will maximize the impact in the sports investment industry.


This unified approach is designed to:


Enhance Brand Recognition

By connecting all five Sport domains,

Glopal Promotional Sport aims to create a strong, recognizable unified Sports brand.

The strategy simplifies the marketing message, creating a strong definable Sports Market presence


Leverage Synergies

Each Sport Contect platform, while independent,

will complement and support the others.

Our aim is to create a Sport Network Effect, broadening the reach and appeal across diverse sports marketplace segments.


Efficient Use of Resources

Unifying the domains under one brand allows

for streamlined and cost-effective marketing,

technology development, and

centralized operational management.


Data Integration and Market Insights

A cohesive brand structure facilitates

comprehensive data collection and analysis,

offering deeper insights for

strategic decision-making.


Attract Partnerships and Investments

A multifaceted brand demonstrates

Glopal Promotional Sport s versatility and capability

in managing diverse ventures, making it more appealing

to potential partners, sponsors, and investors.


Market Adaptability

This approach positions Glopal Promotional Sport 

as a dynamic and flexible entity in the

sports investment market, capable of quickly adapting

to changes and expanding its offerings.


Marketplace Impact

In time, there will be no sports team, facility or

sporting event that will not utilize part of

the GEO based Sports Content platform


Every Team

Every League

Every Property

Sportsors™ - Sportsorship™ - Sportvestors™


We believe our decision to launch all five domains

as a single brand is a strategic move that will

dominate the GEO Sport Marketplace.



Create content that highlights the benefits and opportunities of sports sponsorship merged with investment.

Use social media campaigns and influencer partnerships to reach potential investors and sponsors.



Develop webinars, case studies, and whitepapers that provide deeper insights into the successes of Sportsorship™

Showcasing ROI and brand exposure benefits.



Implement targeted ads leading to landing pages with clear calls-to-action (CTAs) for signing up or

inquiring about Sportsorship™ opportunities, with option to schedule consultations.



Leverage content marketing to tell success stories of current Sportsors™,

engaging potential investors through video testimonials and blog posts.



Offer detailed guides on how to become a Sportsor™, including the financial and promotional advantages,
through downloadable content gated behind lead capture forms.



Drive direct response campaigns that invite potential Sportsors™ to exclusive

networking events or investment opportunities, with a focus on immediate sign-up benefits.


Craft narratives around the potential of investing in sports and the unique position

of Sportvestors™ through press releases and strategic content partnerships.



Publish market analysis reports and investment trend insights to build authority

and encourage deeper engagement with the platform.



Create targeted ad campaigns for investment opportunities, driving traffic to a

membership portal for access exclusive content, databases, and investment tools.


Develop compelling stories showcasing the benefits of sports investments and Sportdorsement's unique approach. Utilize press releases and collaborate with influential content platforms to enhance visibility.



Produce and share detailed market analyses and trends in sports investments, establishing Sportdorsement as a thought leader and fostering deeper platform engagement.



Implement specialized advertising campaigns highlighting unique investment opportunities. Direct potential investors to a dedicated portal for exclusive content, comprehensive databases, and specialized investment tools, facilitating informed decision-making and engagement.




Use educational content to inform sports professionals about the benefits of

applying psychology in sports, utilizing infographics and short explainer videos.



Offer webinars and e-courses on specific Sportchology™ techniques,

featuring expert Sportchologists™ and athlete testimonials.



Provide a service booking system on the platform for consultations with Sportchologists™,

with special introductory offers highlighted in conversion-focused ads.


Share articles and interviews with leading Sportchologists™

to build credibility and demonstrate expertise.



Host live Q&A sessions where Sportchologists™ answer questions from athletes,

coaches, and teams, nurturing leads by providing valuable insights.



Use retargeting ads to bring interested parties back to the directory where

they can directly connect with a Sportchologist™


Each stage the focus is to create tailored content that aligns with the audience's interests and guides them through the marketing funnel.


Utilizing a mix of SEO, content marketing, social media, email campaigns, and paid advertising, these directories can attract and convert leads, ultimately driving revenue through advertisements and premium directory listings.


Small business has been abandoned.

The demise of Yellow Pages nationwide

has creating an abiss of reasonably priced

directory platforms for business


GEO plaforms are surging as the demand for small business advertising platforms have all but disappeared., a 100% GEO based platform recently sold for over $240/million



Revenue Projection

Typical GEO Facility or Team


Below presents a 'very modest' revenue projection based on estimates for a typical GEO facility or team.


It reflects a scenario with low participation rate and moderate and affordable ad pricing illustrating that

even under these modest conditions,

substantial revenue can be generated.


These projections serve as an insightful example

to the financial potential of integrating

GEO Sport Content Directory Platforms


We beleive these projections are approx.

1/20th Of What is Attainable In A

Sports Based GEO Marketplace.


Sportsorship™ Ads % # Ads Ad $ /Month Month REV Annual REV

Total Paid Digital Ads Req’d >> 500.00

Full-Page Takeover - Interstitial Ad 10.00% 50.00 $2,000.00 $100,000.00 $1,200,000.00

Half-Page Ad - (300x600 pixels) 10.00% 50.00 $1,400.00 $70,000.00 $840,000.00

Leaderboard - (728x90 pixels) 10.00% 50.00 $1,200.00 $60,000.00 $720,000.00

Large Rectangle - (336x280 pixels) 15.00% 75.00 $960.00 $72,000.00 $864,000.00

Medium Rectangle - (300x250 pixels) 15.00% 75.00 $800.00 $60,000.00 $720,000.00

Wide Skyscraper - (160x600 pixels) 20.00% 100.00 $720.00 $72,000.00 $864,000.00

Small Square - (200x200 pixels) 20.00% 100.00 $400.00 $40,000.00 $480,000.00

Basic Listing - (Text-based) 100.00% 500.00 $100.00 $50,000.00 $600,000.00

200.00% 1,000.00
$524,000.00 $6,288,000.00

Sportsors™ Ads % # Ads Ad $ /Month Month REV Annual REV

Total Paid Digital Ads Req’d >> 450.00

Full-Page Takeover - Interstitial Ad 10.00% 45.00 $1,800.00 $81,000.00 $972,000.00

Half-Page Ad - (300x600 pixels) 10.00% 45.00 $1,260.00 $56,700.00 $680,400.00

Leaderboard - (728x90 pixels) 10.00% 45.00 $1,080.00 $48,600.00 $583,200.00

Large Rectangle - (336x280 pixels) 15.00% 67.50 $864.00 $58,320.00 $699,840.00

Medium Rectangle - (300x250 pixels) 15.00% 67.50 $720.00 $48,600.00 $583,200.00

Wide Skyscraper - (160x600 pixels) 20.00% 90.00 $648.00 $58,320.00 $699,840.00

Small Square - (200x200 pixels) 20.00% 90.00 $360.00 $32,400.00 $388,800.00

Basic Listing - (Text-based) 100.00% 450.00 $90.00 $40,500.00 $486,000.00

200.00% 900.00
$424,440.00 $5,093,280.00

Sportvestors™ Ads % # Ads Ad $ /Month Month REV Annual REV

Total Paid Digital Ads Req’d >> 405.00

Full-Page Takeover - Interstitial Ad 10.00% 40.50 $1,620.00 $65,610.00 $787,320.00

Half-Page Ad - (300x600 pixels) 10.00% 40.50 $1,134.00 $45,927.00 $551,124.00

Leaderboard - (728x90 pixels) 10.00% 40.50 $972.00 $39,366.00 $472,392.00

Large Rectangle - (336x280 pixels) 15.00% 60.75 $777.60 $47,239.20 $566,870.40

Medium Rectangle - (300x250 pixels) 15.00% 60.75 $648.00 $39,366.00 $472,392.00

Wide Skyscraper - (160x600 pixels) 20.00% 81.00 $583.20 $47,239.20 $566,870.40

Small Square - (200x200 pixels) 20.00% 81.00 $324.00 $26,244.00 $314,928.00

Basic Listing - (Text-based) 100.00% 405.00 $81.00 $32,805.00 $393,660.00

200.00% 810.00
$343,796.40 $4,125,556.80

Sportdorsement™ Ads % # Ads Ad $ /Month Month REV Annual REV

Total Paid Digital Ads Req’d >> 295.25

Full-Page Takeover - Interstitial Ad 10.00% 29.52 $1,458.00 $43,046.72 $516,560.65

Half-Page Ad - (300x600 pixels) 10.00% 29.52 $1,020.60 $30,132.70 $361,592.46

Leaderboard - (728x90 pixels) 10.00% 29.52 $874.80 $25,828.03 $309,936.39

Large Rectangle - (336x280 pixels) 15.00% 44.29 $699.84 $30,993.64 $371,923.67

Medium Rectangle - (300x250 pixels) 15.00% 44.29 $583.20 $25,828.03 $309,936.39

Wide Skyscraper - (160x600 pixels) 20.00% 59.05 $524.88 $30,993.64 $371,923.67

Small Square - (200x200 pixels) 20.00% 59.05 $291.60 $17,218.69 $206,624.26

Basic Listing - (Text-based) 100.00% 295.25 $72.90 $21,523.36 $258,280.33

200.00% 590.49
$225,564.82 $2,706,777.82

Sportchology™ Ads % # Ads Ad $ /Month Month REV Annual REV

Total Paid Digital Ads Req’d >> 364.50

Full-Page Takeover - Interstitial Ad 10.00% 36.45 $1,312.20 $47,829.69 $573,956.28

Half-Page Ad - (300x600 pixels) 10.00% 36.45 $918.54 $33,480.78 $401,769.40

Leaderboard - (728x90 pixels) 10.00% 36.45 $787.32 $28,697.81 $344,373.77

Large Rectangle - (336x280 pixels) 15.00% 54.68 $629.86 $34,437.38 $413,248.52

Medium Rectangle - (300x250 pixels) 15.00% 54.68 $524.88 $28,697.81 $344,373.77

Wide Skyscraper - (160x600 pixels) 20.00% 72.90 $472.39 $34,437.38 $413,248.52

Small Square - (200x200 pixels) 20.00% 72.90 $262.44 $19,131.88 $229,582.51

Basic Listing - (Text-based) 100.00% 364.50 $65.61 $23,914.85 $286,978.14

200.00% 729.00
$250,627.58 $3,007,530.91

Sportchologist™ Ads % # Ads Ad $ /Month Month REV Annual REV

Total Paid Digital Ads Req’d >> 328.05

Full-Page Takeover - Interstitial Ad 10.00% 32.81 $1,180.98 $38,742.05 $464,904.59

Half-Page Ad - (300x600 pixels) 10.00% 32.81 $826.69 $27,119.43 $325,433.21

Leaderboard - (728x90 pixels) 10.00% 32.81 $708.59 $23,245.23 $278,942.75

Large Rectangle - (336x280 pixels) 15.00% 49.21 $566.87 $27,894.28 $334,731.30

Medium Rectangle - (300x250 pixels) 15.00% 49.21 $472.39 $23,245.23 $278,942.75

Wide Skyscraper - (160x600 pixels) 20.00% 65.61 $425.15 $27,894.28 $334,731.30

Small Square - (200x200 pixels) 20.00% 65.61 $236.20 $15,496.82 $185,961.83

Basic Listing - (Text-based) 100.00% 328.05 $59.05 $19,371.02 $232,452.29

200.00% 656.10
$203,008.34 $2,436,100.03

Total Revenue $1,768,428.79 $23,657,245.56

Pricing for the various ad sizes are based on the Baseline Full Page Ad Rate of $2500.00 per month.

Further ads are consider on a scaling approach with price proportionate to the ad size or visibility.

Pricing Strategy based on GEO and demographics plus the ad's placement and potential impact.

  1. Full-Page Takeover Interstitial Ad

    • Price: $2500.00 (Given as the baseline for full-page ads)

  2. Leaderboard 728x90 pixels

    • Price: $1500.00

    • Reasoning: High visibility at the top of the page, but smaller than a full-page ad.

  3. Large Rectangle 336x280 pixels

    • Price: $1200.00

    • Reasoning: Significant size for embedded content, but less impactful than a full-page or leaderboard ad.

  4. Medium Rectangle 300x250 pixels

    • Price: $1000.00

    • Reasoning: Popular size with good visibility, but smaller and less impactful than the large rectangle.

  5. Half-Page Ad 300x600 pixels

    • Price: $1750.00

    • Reasoning: Large and impactful, but less so than a full-page takeover.

  6. Wide Skyscraper 160x600 pixels

    • Price: $900.00

    • Reasoning: Tall and noticeable, but its sidebar placement may attract less attention than central page ads.

  7. Small Square 200x200 pixels

    • Price: $500.00

    • Reasoning: Smaller and less visually impactful, suitable for limited budgets.

  8. Basic Listing Text Based Listing

    • Price: $250.00

    • Reasoning: Minimal visual impact but provides essential information; most affordable option.

These prices are illustrative and should be adjusted based on factors such as the website's traffic, the advertiser's target audience, and the overall demand for advertising space.

GEO Based Content Dorectory Ad Revenue


The program is strategically designed to target businesses

within a geographical area encompassing a fan base of approximately 750,000 to 1.5 million people.

This demographic and geographic targeting ensures that businesses can effectively reach their desired audience.


The program's success in various locations can be influenced by these factors, as different areas may yield varying

levels of engagement and response rates.



Feasibility & Business Engagement

Given the estimated 70,000 businesses in the target area,

this method is highly feasible. The variety of ad types, combined with competitive pricing, makes the program appealing to a broad range of local businesses.


Geographical and Demographical Influence

The success of different sites within the program will be influenced by geographical and demographic factors.

These aspects dictate the effectiveness of advertising,

as different regions and demographic groups may

respond differently to various types of ads.


Scalability & Revenue Potential

The real power of the program lies in its scalability.

Expanding this model across state, provincial, or national borders can generate significant revenue with minimal additional costs in website development.


By replicating the program in different regions,

you can tap into new markets and audiences,

exponentially increasing the revenue potential while

maintaining relatively low overhead costs.