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 Sport Investment Categories

Sports Technology Startups


Innovative solutions in sports analytics, wearable technology, and e-sports platforms.

Team and League Ownership


Purchasing stakes in professional sports teams or entire leagues, including e-sports franchises.

Sports Infrastructure


Investment in the construction and management of sports facilities, stadiums, and arenas.

Health and Performance


Companies focusing on athlete health, injury prevention, and performance optimization.

Media and Entertainment


Investment in sports broadcasting, content creation, and immersive fan engagement platforms.



Growth capital for competitive gaming, including team ownership, tournaments and gaming tech.

Fitness and Training


Innovative equipment and online platforms for fitness training and wellness programs.


Sports Betting and Fantasy Sports


Platforms and analytics for the growing legal sports wagering and fantasy sports market.


Athlete Performance Data


Data collection and analytics startups that enhance player performance and fan experience.

Fan Engagement Tools


Technology that enhances in stadium online fan experience, including AR/VR and loyalty.


Sports Apparel and Equipment


Startups focused on advanced materials, sustainable production, and direct-to-consumer sales.


Youth and Amateur Sports


Platforms for league management, coaching tools, and sports education.

Sports Management Agency


Business services supporting athlete management, sports marketing, and contract analytics.


Series Fundraising


Investment in growth-stage companies through various rounds from Seed to Series A and beyond.


Athlete Discovery and Development


Programs for scouting and nurturing talent, including sports academies and training centers.

Sports Tourism


Sports-related travel and experiences, including training camps and sports event packages.


Wearable Tech and Biometrics


Devices for monitoring biometric data for performance enhancement and injury prevention.

Nutritional Advances


Startups creating specialized nutrition products and dietary

plans tailored for athletes.


Virtual and Augmented Reality


Use of VR and AR for player training, fan experiences, and content consumption.


Blockchain and NFTs in Sport


Leveraging blockchain for fan tokens, collectibles, and ensuring memorabilia authenticity.

Sustainable Sports Initiatives


Investments in eco-friendly sports products, green stadium initiatives, and sustainability programs.


Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation


Advanced treatments and rehab services specializing in athlete

care and recovery.


International Expansion


Funding for sports entities to grow their brand and fan base on a global scale.

Franchise Development


Creating new sports franchises or expanding existing ones into untapped markets or disciplines.